Baron von fancy

Gordon Stevenson, aka Baron Von Fancy, was born and raised in New York City. Having attended Bard College to study art, Stevenson began his career creating pieces that encompass a variety of mediums and styles--from oil on canvas to electroluminescent wire sculptures. In the midst of such artistic study, Stevenson developed Baron Von Fancy, who emerged as a separate identity, method and voice. 

We sometimes think that Baron Von Fancy and Gordon Stevenson have different aims of exploration in their work. While art created under Stevenson is intended for galleries, Von Fancy's art strives to reach the masses. Known for his wit with words and phrases, he brings forth a message of youth, humor and provocation. The ability of his message and style to engage our generation has not gone unnoticed, as many brands have sought Baron Von Fancy to bring their products to life. Von Fancy’s recent collaborations include those with Converse, W Hotels, Rag & Bone, Louis Vuitton, Uber and Nike, among many others.

Saturday July 29th - Sunday August 6th



Please email with any inquiries about pricing or purchasing any of the artwork shown at the Boo-Hooray Summer Rental.